Spaghetti Dinners2009–2016

A monthly food, music, and performance series exploring cross-disciplinary themes

Inspired by the spaghetti dinners of Great Small Works, this dinner theater series brought people together around food, music, and performance about a monthly theme. Blurring the line between art and academia, sprout spaghetti dinners asked academics to approach their lectures as performance and puppeteers to present their theater as pedagogy.

A hand reaches into a miniature puppet stage ringing a bell above a banner reading, "We are the people, not the enemy"
A long exposure shot of someone fire spinning
A few musicians talk to each other, smiling, about to start a song
A crowd gather outside sprout's studio space, chatting in small groups and eating spaghetti
Dr. Michel DeGraff speaks at the dinner about Haiti
Yang Yang demonstrates the motion-activated lights on her skirt along a DIY runway
The band Skorosmrtnica leads a line dance during their musical set
Someone smiles into a glowing test tube during the "In your genes" spaghetti dinner
Drag queen Becca DeBus emcees the Gender and Fashion dinner