Select announcements, press coverage, and general updates about Powderhouse

August 5, 2021Interview

Reimagining High School as a Creative Studio

Sora Learning Lab interviews Powderhouse Studios about the school design and approval process.

January 30, 2020Interview

Powderhouse Studios on Skill.FM

Alec explains his team's radical ideas for re-inventing high school, interwoven with shedding some light on the strange tale of trying to start a new, in-district public school.
August 7, 2019Press

Anatomy of a failure: How an XQ Super School flopped

Powderhouse “was fundamentally reconceiving the notion of school and how it was done,” said Paul Reville, the state’s former secretary of education. “The typical Innovation School changed a few things and didn’t change them that much.”
March 18, 2019Press

Somerville School Committee Votes Against 'Innovation School' Plan

In a vote nearly seven years in the making, Somerville School Committee members decide Monday night whether to move forward with a new innovation high school.
October 2, 2017Talk

Rethinking It All / Cracking the Code

Alec participates in a panel moderated by Steve Clemons of The Atlantic exploring the role of high schools and higher education in increasing the number of women in tech.

September 28, 2017Opinion

Hey, Beacon Hill: Mass. needs an R&D budget for education

An op-ed saying that to really reinvent public education requires consistent, ongoing investments in new ideas—and only the state can do it.

July 10, 2017Interview

Creating an Entirely New Kind of High School

At some point you have to say, "Would I rather someone graduate with a middling experience in four years or have them graduate in five years with a great experience?" It comes down to the difference between middling and great.
March 9, 2017Press

Story from XQ | Powderhouse Studios

A brief video released after the XQ grant announcement about Powderhouse Studios, featuring the Powderhouse team and Somerville Superintendant Mary Skipper.

November 22, 2016Press

The Bold Venture of New School Design

One of the most intimidating—but exhilarating—aspects of creating a new school design is the sheer audacity required. Design leaders must explore every assumption about what school “should” be, and in many cases, throw them out.
October 18, 2016Press

Laurene Powell Jobs’s $100 Million Mission to Disrupt American High School

“The most pernicious word in education is ‘scale,’ ” Resnick told me. “The most sacred thing to us is attention, where adults can be present for young people, and where kids can do work that matters to them and is hard for them.” […] [Powderhouse's vision] is rooted in a very simple and old-fashioned idea: that a school is, at its heart, about relationships — “a roomful of people trying to learn something” — and that when schools fail, it’s because those on the inside haven’t had the time or space to talk and listen to one another.
September 22, 2016Press

Somerville Welcomes New XQ Super School: Powderhouse Studios

When asked where and why the idea for the Super School Project originated, Ali explained it like this, "We want to make high schools back into the great equalizers they were meant to be."
September 14, 2016Press

Somerville’s innovative new school plan garners a $10 million grant

“Sometimes it takes innovation to give people a glimpse of what education can be,” [Somerville Superintendant Skipper] said.
September 12, 2016Press

Announcing the XQ Super Schools

The ten boldest ideas to rethink high school receive funding and resources to make these schools a reality.
February 24, 2016Press

Somerville Awarded $200,000 to Create Fab Lab at Somerville High in Latest “Innovation City” Initiative

Just as libraries offer public space and resources for people to connect with books, the fab lab could be a nexus where people come together to learn and build with tools and ideas that are hard to find space for in a city like Somerville.
June 2, 2014Interview

Daily Edventures interview with Alec Resnick

But the overall inertia and immune system of “education” is very strong, and if we were to disappear tomorrow, I’m not sure anything would be different than it would have been 100 years from now.
October 28, 2011Press

Somerville’s immigrant professionals

Some of the newcomers who invest themselves in community life are bringing with them new ideas. Sprout & Co. and Parts and Crafts, two organizations founded by [new Somerville residents] are challenging assumptions about how we learn.
October 21, 2009Press

Scientists open up classroom in Davis Square

Sprout co-founders hope to meet people in offices or homes, libraries, coffee shops, schools, or wherever a group asking to learn from them would prefer.