Simulation & Nature in Design2010

Simulating natural phenomena to design, prototype, and fabricate art

In partnership with Nervous System, developed a program introducing novices to programming and simulation through applications to natural systems. Participants used these models to generate geometric forms which were fabricated into physical objects through various rapid prototyping and manufacturing technologies.

A circle with veinating shapes growing inward toward the circle's center via diffusion limited aggregation
A simulation of diffusion limited aggregation producing a veinated pattern, colored and styled in three different ways
Four screenshots from simulations of reaction diffusion system creating intricate, organic patterns
A diagram of natural processes over sand beds
A phase diagram of how vegetation, sand, and wind combine to create different kinds of dunes (e.g. transverse, parabolic, and longitudinal dunes).
A red liquid being squeezed between two pieces of glass creating a flower-like shape through viscous fingering
A clear liquid pushing through a blue liquid surrounded by purple liquid creating a flower-like shape through viscous fingering
A close-up of a flexible pipe pushing clear liquid underneath a piece of glass into flower-like shapes through viscous fingering
A collection of 3D-printed, interlocking, rainbow colored cubes
A simulation of triangles and circles of different types flocking and swarming together against a colored backdrop
A screenshot of the Radiolario-themed jewelry design applet from Nervous System's website
An image of a swarm of starlings moving like a single organism
A flier advertising a weekly computation design worksession at sprout in partnership with nervous system