Modeling Algebra2019–2021

Creating project-based development kits for high school mathematics via modeling

Partnered with XQ Institute to develop engaging, rigorous, and interdisciplinary projects tackling core concepts in Algebra 1. Designed a collection of youth- and teacher-facing project and facilitation resources focused on modeling, piloted with teachers and students, and developed a cross-project framework rethinking algebra through modeling.

Demonstration that a Pikachu soapball is as wide as a finger, around 2.5 inches
A screenshot of a Scratch project modeling projectile motion
A pyramid shaped ball launcher made from wooden dowels, rubber bands, and a plastic cup
A screenshot from the tool tracker showing motion tracking and graphing of projectile motion
A Google Sheets screenshot graphing the net present value of salary earned for a typical person graduating from high school versus college
A person wearing a pulse sensor connected to an Arduino with readings on a computer screen
A graph comparing the vocal ranges of a number of singers to Mariah Carey, whose range is much larger
An apartment floor plan
Air quality data mapped over an apartment floorplan, showing poor air quality in the living room and bedroom
A graph of air quality measurements along with a curve fit to represent them algebraically
A spreadsheet representing the area of Somerville, MA, colored by how much greenery is in each area. There appears to be more on the west side.
A spreadsheet representing property prices in different areas of Somerville, MA, colored by how expensive it is in each area
A spreadsheet showing the amount of greenery and property prices in different areas of Somerville, MA. There isn't much correlation.