[Almost] a New District School 2013–2019

Trying to start an in-district "Innovation School" centering projects exploring computation, narrative, and design

Worked with families, community members, teachers and district staff to establish an experimental high school inspired by the best creative workplaces, studios, and labs, where teenagers could work on projects they care about. Started in 2013 and rejected in 2019 after conflict between the Superintendent and a funder.

Powderhouse Studios' old homepage, reading "Come invent the future of learning with us"
A diagram giving basic answers to the who, what, when, where, why questions about powderhouse
A description of Powderhouse's cohort-driven advisory model
An aerial view of the Powder House Community Campus
A description of Powderhouse's weighted enrollment lottery, meant to ensure the student population matches that of Somerville High
A description of how student's time will become more independent year over year at Powderhouse
A view from the park of the Powder House Community Campus
A description of how projects will be retrospectively mapped onto common core standards
A 3 by 2 graphic of different methods of assessment to be used at Powderhouse, including formative and summative, as well as external, internal, and reflective
A graphic showing low-touch to high-touch enrollment events, ranging from events to summer camps
The Powder House Community Campus atrium, shown from above
A description of the governance structure of Powderhouse, including an internal board and external oversight by the superintendent and school committee
An exemplary daily schedule for a 13 year old at Powderhouse
An exemplary daily schedule for an 18 year old at Powderhouse
Evocative floorplans of Powderhouse's prospective space
A street view of the Powder House Community Campus