Healey STEAM2016–2018

Piloting our proposed Innovation School design all-day, year-round with 7th and 8th grades at the Healey

Full-time, year-long pilots of project-based programs across 7th and 8th grade core academic subjects. Worked directly with youth, developed project and program designs, and ran professional development while documenting work and hosting regular school-wide and family-oriented events to share young people's efforts.

The Healey School in Somerville, MA
A student project using recycled materials to make a bracelet
Four students laughing and posing behind artwork in the Healey hallway
A student project showing a breadboard and LED attached to a soccer ball and connected to a computer
A student with aluminum foil sweat sensors on their fingers, connected to an Arduino with colored wires
Two students posing with an electronics project connecting a plastic football to an Arduino with wires
Three students posing with a tablet showing their team's name, "Mood Through Music"
A student working to fit an Arduino into a plastic container
A student working at a laptop with an Arduino connected to the computer and their finger via wires
A close up of a student's hands with pulse sensors on their fingers and the resulting graph labeled "BPM"
Students pose for a picture with their homemade radio-controlled car
A screenshot showing the videos made by students with titles like, "Quinceanera Girl," "Fashion Struggles," and "LGBTQ Stereotypes"
A multi-colored spiral drawn by students in Scratch
A student project in the shape of a person, using brass fasteners and cardboard to mirror joints
A student project using wheels and electronics to build a small electric vehicle
Three students celebrating a complex geometric shape made by their project
A student project: a blue foam car with glitter, propellors, and wires showing underneath
A team poses with the flying machine they built
A complex geometric shape being drawn by a drawing machine build by students
A close-up of an Arduino, breadboard, and batteries wired together
Two students pose comedically with their perfectly flipped water bottle