Redesigning Educator Licensure2018–2020

Creating a novel teacher licensure program in digital literacy and computer science, from scratch

Accredited an onboarding program for Powderhouse Studios' school design by developing and launching a state-approved teacher licensure program focused on the new Digital Literacy and Computer Science (DLCS) standards in partnership with High Meadows Graduate School. Designed the program to double as a complement to traditional licensure tracks, bringing modern fluencies like computation, narrative, and design to more typical academic subjects.

A graph of how time will be spent in the Kindling program showing more time dedicated to faculty-led experiences in the beginning, transitioning to candidate-led experiences toward, with time dedicated to reflection throughout.
A listing of all the Core Questions that make up the Kindling program, ranging from "What is the nature of computation and narrative?" to "What rights to learners have?" to practicum experiences.