Design for Anxiety2019–2020

Design and prototyping as a path to dealing with anxiety, tailored for people with autism

In collaboration with the Asperger/Autism Network, developed and ran a program for adults and youth with spectrum disorder diagnoses who wanted to tackle anxiety in their daily life through design projects.

A screenshot of the program listing for Design for Anxiety from the AANE website
A paper-based design exercise exploring the UI for a phone application
A collection of small sketches including a watch with numbers on it and different bracelet designs with numbers in different locations on the pieces
A page of handwritten notes that starts with, "Problem: I'm anxious and exhausted after social situations" and then listing different ideas for solutions and why each would help.
A metal bracelet on a piece of wood beside a hammer
A close up of a wrist with multiple bracelets and a watch on it
A digital dashboard calculating different statistics about the number of messages sent and when
A worksheet titled, "Drawing anxiety on your body" with an image of a body colored with a legend showing tightness, acid, and knots