We currently work out of a small, two story workshop just outside Davis Square in Somerville. The street address is 339R Summer St, Somerville MA 02144. The “R” stands for “Rear,” since we are a carriage house located behind 339 Summer St. down the driveway to the right.

The outside of 339r

We started renting this space back in 2009 when we were operating as sprout & co., and our use of the space has grown and changed with our work since then. Currently, we grant a room and some evening use of the space to the Somerville Bike Kitchen, and we also share the space with other organizations and individuals on an ad hoc basis. Primarily, we use this space as our offices and workspace. It isn’t fancy, but it’s served us well and lets us get our hands dirty without worrying about spilling or making a mess!


The downstairs is a shared space that can be used for loud, messy work with a garage door that can open up into a semi-private driveway area that’s separated from street traffic.


The main room is a workshop space with basic hand and power tools, equipped with a “slop sink” along with wood and metal stock and other basic materials we use for building and physical prototyping—and sometimes event hosting! The space can be accessed through a standard front door as well as a garage door, which makes working with larger-than-usual tools and materials possible.

The downstairs workshop

Side room

We also have a small, more private room downstairs with couches, whiteboards, and a small projector for small group meetings, semi-private meetings, and quieter work time.

The side room


Upstairs we have a single, large, open floorplan room with lots of natural light. We’ve used shelves to create a kind of closet/storage area for tools, materials, and works-in-progress, and we also have personal desks and shared table space throughout this space.

The upstairs workspace


If you have any questions about our workspace, please get in touch!