Powderhouse Studios is now Powderhouse. This site is now archived.


Refer someone to Powderhouse

PHS is made of people, and people matter more to us than anything else.

But, for all sorts of reasons, it’s hard to attract the best people to education. The pay, the hours, the loss of creative control…the list goes on and on.

Meanwhile, academia and industry provide rich contexts full of inspiring people who get to work on exciting and interesting problems day in and day out. We don’t think working “in education” should be a sacrifice, and we’ve worked hard to create a design where you can spend the rest of your life tackling deep ideas and work embedded in a web of real community.

But we need help getting the word out and finding the right people. If you believe in our vision, the best thing you can do for us is help us find great people. We are always hiring.