Powderhouse Studios is now Powderhouse. This site is now archived.


Come invent the
future of learning
with us—

🎉 Powderhouse Studios is a small, new high school slated to open next year in Somerville. Inspired by the best creative workplaces, studios, and labs, we've redesigned school to build a place like these where teenagers work on projects they care about.

📆 Over the past five years, we've been developing Powderhouse Studios with the City of Somerville, alongside hundreds of families, educators, and world-class school-designers…all under the umbrella of Massachusetts’ Innovation Schools legislation. And now, we're looking to grow our team.

Work with us

👥 If you like teens, can do something they might care about (anything from make music to program a computer), and want to join a founding team inventing the future of learning, then please get in touch. (And no, you don’t necessarily have to be a teacher to join.)

🔍 Or, if you know someone who might be a great fit for our team, please refer them to us. Finding great people matters to us so much that we’ve put together a pretty unusual referral program to help you help us.

Learn with us

💯 The Somerville School Committee will be taking their final vote on our proposal this fall. If you want to help out with that, let us know. Until then, we can't officially enroll people. But, if you'd like to get on the list to hear about when we can, sign up here.

📣 We are looking for 30–40 families to join us in our first year. If you live in Somerville, are between 13–15 years old, and school makes you feel like a round peg in a square hole, we hope you’ll register your interest. If you’d like to meet our team and find out whether PHS might be a good fit, get in touch.

Partner with us

🙌 We work with partners and volunteers in three ways:

  1. As advisors who help critique projects and inform our programs' design
  2. As mentors who help youth manage projects and get a handle on their long term interests and ambitions
  3. And as internship sites interested in exploring how youth at PHS and graduates from PHS can work with them in full time positions, one-off projects, or ongoing internships

👆 Partnerships call for a lot of our time and energy, time that—for us—could otherwise be going to young people. We know schools and youth can be hard to work with; we’re committed to being an exception. We are only interested in partnerships which will actually be mutually beneficial, and are eager to invest the time and resources to make them so. With all that in mind, if you’d like to talk with us about partnering or volunteering, please drop us a line.