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2018 Fellowship at Powderhouse Studios

This page is a work-in-progress. It's where you'll come to find the materials and plans for this fellowship year.

Introducing Atlas — January 2019

Getting a sense for the goals of this project, where it's been, where it's at, and the many problematic elements of trying to make legible the deeply human.

Re-igniting Powderhouse — November 2018

A day spent exploring what isn't working about how we're working, how we can improve how we work, and why that's important (not just in the obvious way, for us, but in terms of the work we ultimately want to do with you).

Igniting Programs of Study — 19 November 2018

A day spent asking: What is a program of study? Why do we have them? What makes them good?

Plinkquito Project Materials — 23 October 2018
  1. Plinkquito Project Folder where all things Plinkquito live on the web
  2. Comprehensive Timeline you can add to this timeline! AND YOU SHOULD!
  3. Raw Mediaz a place to dump all photos, notes, videos, your deepest, darkest secrets, etc!
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Plinkquito Project Folder — 10 September 2018

A day spent drafting our first contributor's letters and thinking about Plinkquito, project documentation, etc.

Programs of Study & Powerful Ideas — 5 September 2018

Digging into Programs of Study and how to make them great, specifically with regards to depth, rigor, and powerful ideas.

Contributor's Letters — 4 September 2018

Finalizing Contributor's Letters by sharing AR and SD's and contextualizing them within organizational objectives, differentiating objectives and key results or milestones and evidence.

Bios + Websites — 31 August 2018

An afternoon's introduction to the website and making things on the web, using updating the bios on our website as a vehicle.

Contributor's Letters — 30 August 2018

Some notes, readings, and examples getting us set-up to write the first drafts of our contributor's letters.

Fundamental Readings + More tech set-up — 28 August 2018

A weekly plan, some fundamental readings about schools and learning, and another afternoon of technology set-up.

FRY + Tech set-up — 27 August 2018

A day digging into the point of the FRY, as explained by its outputs, and a walkthrough of our computer and software set ups.

Projects & The Project Cycle — 26 August 2018

  1. "The Project Cycle at Powderhouse"
  2. "Qualities of a good project"

"Readings to ground a vision of and for Powderhouse Studios" — 25 August 2018

Why projects? — 18August 2018

Digging into why we do projects at Powderhouse, why we think projects are some of the best vehicles for learning, and why we think learning is, more than anything else, about externizing your understanding in order to deepen it.

FRY Overview — 15 August 2018

A session spent exploring: What is the FRY? What is a program of study? Exploring and triangulating the answers through analogy, example, what it is not, and more rather than tackling them head-on or top-down. Slides include links to the Specification for the FRY.

A Vision for Powderhouse — 14 August 2018

Exploring the vision for Powderhouse as an organization, digging into The Fifth Freedom (to learn), the type of organizations we were inspired by, and how the current Powderhouse school model came to be.

Founding Powderhouse — 13 August 2018

A story about the roots of Powderhouse, told through the people who shaped and inspired us and our work.