Kindling Fellowship, Summer 2022

  1. Apply

So, you’re considering applying to Kindling, the summer fellowship run by Powderhouse? We’re psyched to hear it and excited about the possibility of working together. Here’s what you should do next.

Our application process has three steps:

  1. Let us know you’re interested and tell us a bit about yourself through the form below.
  2. Based on those responses, we’ll follow up to schedule a 1-2 hour video interview in which we’ll get to know you a bit better, further explore some of the things you shared in your application, and answer any questions you might have about us and the program.
  3. And finally, based on those conversations, we’ll get on another 1-2 hour call to get our hands dirty (or...maybe more our mouths talking?!) collaborating on some real project work. We want to get a sense of what it will be like to work together, so we’re going to spend some time coming up with and refining project ideas live. We’ll share a little more when the time comes, but you won’t need to do any concrete preparation—just come ready to talk and brainstorm.

You can expect a response to your first submission within 24 hours and a final admission decision within two weeks (assuming we are able to schedule the conversations for phases 2 and 3 in a timely way). We will be accepting applications through 15 May 2022, though we will be admitting fellows on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to get started as soon as you’re able.


For each of the questions below, you can both directly type answers into the boxes provided and attach different kinds of media. Feel free to attach audio/video recordings if you prefer to speak rather than write. You might also want to attach photos or other media to help tell your story. Share whatever you’d like us to consider, but be sure to explain what you’ve included if it’s not obvious and to keep things as brief as you can while still expressing yourself fully.

If you have any trouble with this form or have any questions before submitting, please email

You can share whatever you’d like to do this. We’re happy to look at your Instagram account, videos of a project you did, anything you’d like us to know. If you have something more formal like a resume, feel free share it, but we don’t require it.Let us know if you have a particular connection to our mission or the publication theme [“Secrets”](#why-the-theme-secrets); what your previous experience is with computation, narrative, or design; along with whatever else stood out to you about our plans with the program.Whether it’s a project you did yourself or something from the world (e.g. [a father/son animation series]( or [an interactive essay/game]( or [an incredible concept album](, we want to get a sense for your taste in projects because, well, we might be doing projects together! When possible, share the projects with us directly, but definitely share what it is you love about them.In case we haven’t given you the opportunity to share something important, please do so here. But don’t feel weird about leaving it empty either